Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sombody Out There Wants You


There are many things to do in Rochester
May 1967
  One of the chief causes of mental depression, the experts say, is the feeling of not being wanted.
  Well, now, if that’s all that’s bothering you my friend, just look around you. If you live in the Rochester area, there’s nothing to worry about. During the months of April, May and June, there’s hardly a day going by that doesn’t have something to offer the public. Nearly every organization in the community— variously estimated between 150 to 250— plan their big events of the year during the last spring months. All of them are anxious to have YOU as their guest.
  For instance, tonight you can drop in at the High School for the choral program, “A Spring Sing-in.” Or the Democrats wouldn’t mind having you stop in for their panel discussion at the library. Friday night you can run out to West Junior High for the annual Miss Rochester Pageant. Or swing over to the Avon Playhouse on Washington Road this week or next for the musical “Guys and Dolls.”
  ON MONDAY NIGHT, you’re wanted at the Elks Lodge where the Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the Mayor Exchange Day program, welcoming the mayor of Gladstone and listening to guest speaker Walter Reuther.
  If you have nothing to do Tuesday night, hundreds of people are expected at the Senior High Cafeteria for the All-Sports Banquet.
  Wednesday night you can find free entertainment at both the Avon Township Hall and the Municipal Building where the Township Board and City Council will be holding meetings.
  Music lovers can attend a Cabaret Concert of the Community Orchestra at the High School next Thursday night. Most of the weekday nights you can drop in at Meadow Brook Theatre performances at Oakland University.
  Then there are book sales, dancing and music recitals, too numerous to mention, plus a flock of school programs and a diverse accumulation of church events.
  In two weeks, you can attend the Memorial Day parade and ceremony and a few days later attend the High School commencement exercises. By the time school is out, things simmer down a bit. But not for long. Summer school starts immediately for hundreds of youngsters. Then on June 29, the summer-long Meadow Brook Music Festival opens its season.
  AND SO THAT one doesn’t relax too much next fall, plans are already afoot to welcome the Marine Band. Then there’s the annual Arts ‘n Apples Festival and a new project called the Town Hall Series.
  With a little bit of planning, one can arrange their schedule to be attending something every day of the week. There’s no need to be depressed any longer just because you feel “not being wanted” or “There’s nothing for me to do.”
  Of course, not all of these events are free of charge. If you elect to attend most everything, there’s always the possibility you will soon be depressed about being broke.